How Does PAWID Work?

How Does PAWID Work?

Introducing the UK’s very first scannable smart tag!

This tag enables people that have found your lost pet to access important information, such as your contact details and your pet’s allergy information.

Our tags feature some extensive features to provide you with peace of mind when it comes to your furry friends! That’s why today we are going to be providing you with a complete overview of how PAWID works, from your initial sign up all the way through to what would occur if you had found a lost pet.

PAWID features

What makes PAWID different from other options, such as a microchip? Whilst microchips are important, and we encourage them, usually only vets carry the right tools to scan them. PAWID enables anyone to scan and find out the necessary information, as they are compatible with any device with an internet connection.

Also, our tag is not a GPS tracking device so you will only need your smartphone charged to scan the QR code - our tags require no battery! Unlike other pet tracking devices, ours emit no EMF radiation, causing no harm to your furry friends.

All data stored on our servers are fully encrypted and secure, plus you can also set any of your information to be private so it is not accessible to anyone.

Sign up online

Once you’ve purchased and activated the code on your tag you can create your pet’s profile, where you can add important information such as contact and allergy details.

Our tags are a one-time purchase. You pay one price and you have a lifetime access to the platform!

What happens if you find a lost pet?

If your pet is lost or missing, a simple scan of their tag will bring up their profile! You will be notified straight away when your pet’s tag has been scanned, allowing you to see their last known location.

PAWID is a web-based application, so there is no need to download another app to your device. Therefore, you can alternatively type the code into the search bar on our website to bring up their information.

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